Streamline Your Document Signing Process with ZOHO Forms and ZOHO Sign


Streamline Your Document Signing Process with ZOHO Forms and ZOHO Sign

As businesses and organizations move towards a more digital environment, the need for a secure and efficient way to obtain digital signatures on important documents has become increasingly important. With digital signatures, documents can be signed electronically, eliminating the need for paper-based processes. This saves time and resources, as documents can be signed and shared instantly, regardless of the signer’s location and provide with better customer experience.

ZOHO Sign provides the functionality to get digital signatures on documents such as Contracts, Non-disclosure agreements, Leave Application forms, and more. It lets users sign documents electronically with ease, offering options like drawing a signature with a mouse or finger, uploading a scanned signature, or using a pre-designed template. It enables users to request signatures, track document status, and manage multiple signing workflows. All signed documents are securely encrypted and stored in the cloud, protecting against unauthorized access.


Now consider a Scenario, where an HR employee wants to get digital signature of newly on-boarded contract employee on ‘Employee Contract Form’ which contains all the information of the newly joined employee and company’s detail, Purpose and Duration of Contract, Terms and Condition etc. Now in this certain fields are fixed and others are dynamics.


Zoho Sign can be used for the same, by importing the ‘Employee Contract Template’. Under Add Recipient section provide Role as Employee (No need to provide name and email) and set other fields. You can configure the workflow and add other recipients like managers and set their authorities accordingly like ‘Receive a copy’, ‘Approver ‘or ‘Needs to Sign’ etc. and can also set other properties like Reminder, No. of days to complete etc.



After setting these details, uploaded document will get opened up and you can set different form fields like Name, Dates, Address, and more and signature etc. ,for each recipient mentioned under recipient column like Employee, Manager or ‘Prefill by you’. Emails will get sent to respective recipients and signing process gets initiated by clicking the link sent through the mail.


Please note there’s no need for the recipients to have a zoho sign account for signing the document digitally.





Automating the Workflow

Zoho sign effectively sign, send and manage digital documents. In Addition, if one wants to automate the workflow of digitizing the document signing process, Zoho Forms provides the aids.

Zoho Forms offers a user-friendly interface and a range of features to make the process of creating and managing forms simple and efficient. These features include custom branding, conditional logic, form workflows, integrations with other Zoho apps, and the ability to collect digital signatures.

By integrating Zoho Sign with Zoho Forms, automated workflows can be created. Considering the same scenario as above

  • One just need to send form link to respective employee and he will fill the form with its details.
  • The corresponding contract document will get generated and will also get sent to the employee for digital signature and to the other recipients for approval.
  • The admin can check the document status through zoho sign only.


Integrating Zoho Sign with Zoho Forms


  1. Sign into Zoho Forms and build a form there by clicking on Form tab. You can either create an employee detail form from scratch or use the provided template and customize it to give it the look and feel of the page where you will embed it.


       2. You can set different fields from basic and advanced fields and set their properties as required.

       3. Navigate to the Integrations tab. Select Zoho Sign from the Side bar and click Integrate. Select a document template from the Template Name drop-down menu.


        4. Map the Zoho Sign fields in the document with the corresponding form fields in the mandatory fields section. Enter the recipient’s details. Here, you can configure to get the recipients’ names and email addresses directly from the form fields.

        5.One can choose to send the document by email to respective recipients by selecting the ‘Send the document’s link to recipients email.’ Or If one wants recipients to get directly redirected to ZOHO Sign, select the ‘Redirect to Zoho Sign document.’ and integrate the form.


Integration with Zoho CRM

In addition to above streamlined process, the signed/ approved document can also be configured to get attached as pdf in Zoho CRM and other applications to the respective record in respective the module. This feature can help you streamline your workflows and ensure that all signed documents are easily accessible in their respective modules. This eliminates the need to manually attach documents that will help you save time, reduce errors, and ensure that all signed documents are stored securely in your Zoho applications.



In summary, Zoho Sign is a powerful and user-friendly electronic signature software that can help businesses of all sizes to streamline their document signing workflows and improve their productivity. By leveraging the power of Zoho Forms, one can automate the workflow and streamline the document signing process and save time. If you’re interested in learning more about Zoho Sign, feel free to Contact Us.


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