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With Tarini Consulting’s expertise in implementing ZOHO DESK, tailored according to your custom requirements, you will be able to get an efficient system that empowers your team members to delight each and every customer. Stay on top of every aspect of your customer service effort with ZOHO DESK.

Business process analysis

Our Zoho-certified consultant will conduct a discovery mapping session with you to understand your business and challenges and will develop a blueprint illustrating how your customer service process will be implemented through ZOHO DESK.

ZOHO Desk Customization

Our Certified ZOHO Developers have the expertise to understand and customize your business needs. They work closely with you and customize Zoho Desk, making it work swiftly and efficiently according to your requirements.

ZOHO Desk Automation

Better the automation of helpdesk, better the chances of success across the board in delivering a nice customer experience. We will understand your system process and automate each and every repetitive task to save time as well as effort.

Data Migration

Data Migration is a real pain area if not handled properly but with our experts in desk data migration, get it done from any existing platform to the Zoho desk within the budget, while maintaining data integrity and minimum disruption to the ongoing business process.

Third-Party Integration

Our team knows in and out of Zoho API, Pre- defined ntegrations with Zoho services, Workflow, Webhooks, Connections, SDKs, and Web Apps so we can efficiently integrate Zoho Desk with other software your business operates that will help to increase business capability as well as productivity.

Custom reports and dashboard

Raw data is useless and spreadsheets are a cumbersome old-school thing. Customized Dashboards and effortless instant Report Generation is need of hour, to get access to systemized data and make the most out of it. Our team provides you with this feature that in turn helps you to monitor your team’s performance.

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Highlights of ZOHO DESK

Zoho Desk is the industry s first context-aware help desk software. Get the benefits of this centralized helpdesk system with numerous other capabilities. Apart from having a user-friendly interface, it is pocket friendly too.
Improve agent productivity and delight and retain your customers


Get in touch with customers through multiple channels such as email, phone, live chat, website, etc., organize them in a single interface and get agents to stay organized and internally collaborated to respond to customers in an intelligent manner. Zoho desk can be customized according to each brand & each department of your company.

Artificial intelligence

Contextual AI provides excellent assistance to the team by automatically detecting keywords in tickets, assigning appropriate tags. Additionally, it types out responses to customers, using its smart AI algorithms to suggest appropriate solutions for their queries. Finally, it also alerts the team of any unusual activity, allowing them to proactively address potential issues.

Knowledge Base

An extensive knowledge base is built over time, with historical references covering almost everything. It acts as a repository of articles and solutions for frequently asked questions, allowing customers to find answers without waiting for an agent. Forums and communities are also available for customers to engage and express themselves.

Team productivity

A centralized, cloud-based system centralizes enables multiple people to monitor tickets, allowing experts to jump in as needed instead of having one person manage everything. Advanced management tools facilitate efficient customer responses, even when agents are away, resulting in increased productivity.


Maximize the use of Zoho Desk by integrating it with all other company software. Customize layouts with different views and modes to sort and display data according to agent requirements. Tailor-made functions can extend its capabilities beyond built-in functionality. As the business scales, Zoho Desk can be easily adapted.


Ensure customer data integrity by using different roles in Zoho Desk to control data access and set permissions based on roles. Apply security at the field level to restrict layout editing, reducing the risk of security breaches. Zoho Desk is GDPR compliant, ensuring maximum security for customer data.