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Why choose Tarini Consulting?

With a team of experienced Zoho Consultants and Developers, we have been customizing and automating the Zoho CRM for a decade to meet the specific needs of various businesses. We understand that the native modules of Zoho CRM provide a solid foundation, but often businesses require additional automation in order to maximize efficiency. By analyzing your business processes and requirements, we can identify the necessary customization and automation to optimize your CRM. Our goal is to help your business save time, resources, and increase productivity by streamlining your CRM.

Why Customize Zoho CRM for Your Business Needs?

By customizing the CRM to meet the unique needs of your business, you can ensure that the CRM is an effective tool for achieving your business goals.

  • Command Center enables us to construct intricate processes that span multiple modules.
  • Utilizing Blueprint, we can establish a step-by-step sequence for processes and enforce adherence to them within the team.
  • The Approval Process feature enables the creation of complex procedures for approving budgets, invoices, orders, payments, and discounts..
  • Workflow allows us to initiate actions such as sending emails, creating tasks, updating fields, utilizing webhooks, and executing custom Deluge functions.

Zoho One Integration

We Offer Tailored Solutions to Meet Your Business Needs – Tell Us Your Idea and We’ll Create the Perfect Workflows for You